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today's article is about how to show feelings responsibly let's get right into it this is something that's so common that so many of you men are asking today because it's kind of like you're trying to find the balance on how to show vulnerability but not being needy how to show your feelings but not coming off too strong how to show how you want this person to progress in your life and how you feel about them without being too feminine right this is something that needs to be addressed and talked about so much more than a lot of other people that are talking about right now you know as a dating coach my job is not to only help you attract women and pick up women but to give you sustainable results and to flourish into something more than just a one-night stand or to flourish more into if you do just want sexual based relationships to feel more love for yourself from within and to get clear on how to cultivate a relationship and healthy relationships this is not talked about in our modern day Society and we need to talk about it more so a lot of times showing feelings responsibly comes into when you start to really find yourself attaching or attracting to a woman right so I want to be clear before how you show I give you advice scuse me on how you show your feelings

responsibility because a lot of times I see so much in today's world and relationships is we find someone that we are so intrigued by and all of a sudden in a week or two we just want that person to be our girlfriend we just want that person to be our boyfriend right and then we understand understand why they're being hot and cold or why they're not showing up like they used to or why they were so all about us in the beginning and now that I'm all about them they're doing complete opposite right so that's human it's a natural tendency to play it safe why couple different reasons possibly because someone has experienced hurt and pain before and have seen that a sense of fastness is moving in this relationship and might scare that other personal way or also they can be seen as if you're moving too fast and not pacing yourself that you're not secure with yourself and within which kills attraction and probably not coming from a place of wholeness right and I say this because nothing to shame anyone or anybody because we're all growing here in life together but there's a difference between a man that has good energy and a man that has maybe dark energy or confused energy and as a woman and not just because I do this for a living I can tell when a man has good

 energy and confused energy and possibly bad energy because it's how you make us feel and you can say all the same things that this guy came up to us about about all the good energy this good energy guy you can say the same thing as far as the bad energy guy if we have the tailored same conversation it would still be a great conversation but also the feeling that you created would be different and this is something that you can't fake the bad energy is something you can't fake and I'll give you an example I was out with one of my friends the other day and we went to this great place here in Miami and this I was talking to one gentleman and he was just had great energy he was happy you could tell he was open a conversation he always was smiling he just had a good presence about him right it's what he created and he was funny as well and intriguing and I'm not saying you have to be funny to be intriguing but this is what he was authentically and then another guy approached me and when this other guy approached me he was a nice guy but there was something off there he felt very lost he felt not as present and he felt that I felt that he was putting up a facade to be something he wasn't because possibly he didn't master exactly who he was as a man so I say this first before I talk about how to show feelings responsibly is because if you're not well balanced right now within yourself it's going

to be hard to balance out exactly how to have the right feelings for the right girl and for the right relationship because if you're not balanced out yourself you might do some you might get attached to another woman you might seek validation for a woman you might find herself chasing woman to fill a void that you're avoiding so that's why it's so important that we talk about this first now I'm not saying that you have to constantly be perfect this perfect guy in order to do this work and you have to you have to be healed of everything no no one field of everything but the difference here is that you're contributing to your personal develop your contributing to your work and when challenges arise you start saying no to those challenges and starts and you start saying yes to those challenge excuse me and no to the wrong things that you have had patterns and cycles that haven't been able to nourish you and flourish you in your life now let's move on on how to show feelings responsibly when you start dating girl now that we got that out of the way all right how does show feelings

responsibly to a woman is by coming from a place of integrity but number two is by pacing yourself within the dating process in the courting process number three is building attraction number three is by building attraction subtly and what I mean by this is sexual attraction emotional attraction sexual desire question based dialogue seeing each other and pacing yourself overall and the last thing first and last thing is holding yourself accountable on your purpose and holding yourself accountable that you are exactly where you need to be and you are enough once you show feelings you don't progress and say I'm in love with you and I want everything and I want this and this and this and I just want to be in a married to you and I want to buy a house and I just want this and I'm gonna put a ring on your finger tomorrow when you've never had the conversation before no you don't do this everything is

natural steps you take one step and you see that the woman's take another you take another step you see that the woman's taken another or you see that the woman's taking a step and you take a step this is progression this is natural authentic attraction you don't go and I always say this you don't dive in three feet of water you've got to swim in order to go to the deep end in order to dive in right so why would you just go all in in a relationship and show all of your feelings when you really don't even know who that other person is fully because in order to know someone it takes time and it doesn't matter if you spend 24 hours with them for the first three days straight you still don't know them so understanding these important principles and how to show your feelings effectively is so important to today's world of dating if you liked today's article I encourage you to give it a thumbs up and I welcome your comments questions concerns below and as always I'll see you again in the next article and remember you are always loved bye for now

out of work or the weekends and and you want to commit to something that fulfills you how can you contribute to what you desire this is takes time weekends after work what do you like if you don't even know what you like yet then I encourage you to get out there and start trying things which leads me in to tip
number three trying new things get out of your comfort zone meaning pushing yourself to find things you can enjoy like taking shooting lessons boxing lessons skiing lessons being active in the community with a non-profit going to a seminar which is amazing which leads me in to tip

number four placing yourself in situations that may make you uncomfortable because you want to know what you're good at you can attend Toastmaster classes which are public speaking classes you can attend a popular seminar which will make you meet other people and inspire you to understand their stories their search you have to search for meaning the reason why I talk a lot about boxing is because working out is and working out is because it gives you clarity it gets all that fog out of your mind so you can get clear on the true intentions of what you truly want which is so important and then lastly like I said because if you have a problem like tip

number one for having friends and and and let's just say you get to a point where you have no friends well then go and meet like-minded people that you want to be around so by joining seminars there are so many seminars all over the world with public figures and guest figures where people can come together and they're doing things and they're impacting lives and they're teaching you what to new need to do but it's not going to come to you you have to go to it and this is the biggest thing people don't find their purpose and why they don't find their purpose because they think that everything is going to come to them there's a deeper meaning behind us and you have to find your purpose that's why I say you have to find your purpose in order to attract what you want in life it's the actual things that you have to do and it will get uncomfortable at time but you know I have a handful of men that

I'm working with right now that I can think of and they're working with me so I can help them find their purpose their drive as far as holding them accountable and doing things that help them to get to where they want to be talking to them with and talking to them about it and they have made significant strides and their confidence and attraction when it comes to women because they're on a purpose and they're feel like they're driven now because when you find your purpose you give your confidence within and it magnetizes everywhere in your life so you've got to put yourself in a situation that you are uncomfortable with also at times I want to be clear you they're here because there will be times where you get lonely but the biggest thing that I can contribute to what I'm talking about right now is there are times where you will feel lonely because in the times of loneliness that's truly where your answers really arise we are all self medicating sometimes when we do feel lonely meaning not self-medicating with drugs but going out and partying or doing things that really don't feel good for our soul instead of just staying in and looking up the next seminar that we can attend

 reading the next book that we can learn from and that we find interesting we instead go date a woman that is not good for us and that hinders our growth there's nothing wrong with having that alone time with yourself and dating for yourself which leads into the last hit and that is date yourself you need to be okay with being alone but you're attracting the right woman this will make you beyond your purpose or this woman will lift you so you can thrive under your purpose because that is what the right woman will do but in order to find this you have to be satisfied with yourself internally because if you're thriving off of a woman give you your purpose or your validation then when you get that woman you're going to forget about your purpose and that's not the goal you want to thrive alone so when you find a woman she can enhance your purpose that you've found with or without her so lastly when I talked about this last tip it's because I don't see a lot of people encouraging dating yourself because of the fact that it can be hard but if you want significant change if you want true change and if you are someone that is really wanting to get their purpose stop making excuses and start doing instead of saying but what if this happened but why can't I do this but what is this Google

 that's why there's so much out there you are dampering your own self by hindering yourself with challenges that are not even existent at times that are just fears there are challenges when there is progression but it's meaningful don't give up challenges will disappear and new ones will reappear but you will always progress into what you need to do and that is find your purpose it can take weeks it can take months it can take years but progression is what will help you conquer your goals if you liked today's article I encourage you to share it with someone that can really use this article and please give it a thumbs up and I'm welcome your comments as well and if you are a man on purpose and you want to share your purpose tell me about it below help others find their purpose as well in life because all in life and love is about giving and as always I'll see you again in the next article and remember you are always loved bye for now

in this article we are going to talk about how to find your purpose many of you have been asking me to do a article like this since I talked about finding your purpose a lot when it comes to life relationships and attraction I also want to give you some insight on this article of why women are so attracted to a man there are on their purpose I will talk about this at the end of the article and give you my tips on how to find your purpose what it is and why it's so important when someone asks how to find their purpose it can be because they just obviously are exploring they're at a point in their life where maybe they hit rock bottom or they're just confused or experiencing some life changes or lost one's identity or trying to find happiness typically relationships can be our best lessons and this can help show us what we need and what we're lacking in relationships so you might have just

experienced a breakup or a woman that has just been distant and you come across my articles or other people's articles and you're just like what is the purpose how do I even get on my purpose well here are my tips
number one is stop hanging out with people that influence you or bad decisions right so your friends who are just your friends your friends who are surrounding yourself around just to be around now if you're somebody that goes out late at night and drinks until 4:00 in the morning and the morning and feels hungover every single weekend then it's time to start communicating with yourself and really diving deep and asking yourself are these people that I'm hanging out with until 4 o'clock in the morning feeding me or are they taking from me this can leave into setbacks in your life because the people in your life can be holding you down and putting you down to a place that is not fulfilling you most likely you're probably making some bad decisions when you want to be out there just waking up at a decent hour making good decisions and doing something within your life this also isn't all about drinking it means that you should have friends that you surround you that motivate you ask yourself how do these friends influence your life you want to be driven by the people that you're around you know I think a lot of influencers say this which I believe 50/50 and it's about this they say this quote you always want to hang out with the people that you can learn from which is true and that's what I would encourage you to do and self-diagnose this right now tip
number two is also you want to be clear on your goals what is your future goal for yourself in five or ten years like what is it what do you want from life do you want to be stable and income do you want to find the love of your life do you want to feel more gratified with your job is it just sucking the soul out of you this job what is it that you truly want so basically what is it that will make you happy like what feeds your soul this is the practice that you need to do for example like me I was in a really high-end corporate job in my private banking spectrum years years ago and at a young age was the youngest person to my company to get to the position that I had I was a VP for a bank and I was making well over six figures and one day I just said this isn't my purpose it's feeding me it's not feeding me it's just taking from me my soul my purpose was doing what I'm doing now my purpose was this and I literally left my job and conquered my dreams head-on first and I did not stop so here's the thing I give you my example because a lot of times we feel stuck so what is your purpose I'm not trying to give you advice on like leaving your job or quitting your job heck no but what I'm telling you is that you want to be able to position and have fun and influence your purpose or influence other people even if that means doing this on the weekends or whatever it is so what drives you even if you're working for a corporation let's just say but right now but after you get

in today's articlewe are going to talk about why do people cheat and trying to give you my perspective to understand infidelity I want to be very clear about this just because I condemned infidelity does not mean I condone it I'm here to give you some understanding around something that happens in so many of our lives I've always tried to you know understand this whole why in the infidelity process because it affects so many people thousands and thousands of people in so many ways and in this article I want to give you some type of hope and give you some better understanding clarity as of why infidelity these days has increased in so so many ways because people sometimes cannot even get a grasp on what it means or why and what I mean by this is infidelity in older times used to be you know your partner sleeping or someone else or possibly having an emotional affair with someone else but now with the social media dating apps and porn we wonder if this person is cheating with these new platforms in our days today and this is what draws a lot of confusion here's

what I've come to understand in my years of teaching people about healthy relationships and how to have one since infidelity is something we always question as we try to link it to something right well she was just and I'll give you some examples she was just trying to be nice well she forgot to delete her dating app babylonia well she just talked to him Apollonia or it was just on social media and there is so much more that goes on about this the underlining thing here is if it's a secret in your relationship then this is infidelity if you have a secret than to keep a secret it's an organized and structured way to do something like this you see what I mean in order to keep a secret from your partner then you have to invoke time to provoke yourself from getting cut you know I've seen so many people say I cheated Avalonia I don't know why but I still love my partner so so much

sometimes people cheat because they are longing to reconnect with something different within themselves and it doesn't necessarily mean all the time that they don't know how to love their partner or they don't necessarily love their partner this is not to condone but again this is what I've seen especially in clients that have the disease of addiction see sometimes it's not about them wanting to leave the person that they are with but that they want to leave the person that they have really just become again this is why openness and communication as relationships progress is necessary because you constantly change as the world evolves because you evolve if you hold this in from your partner you go in search to leave the person you've become in order to feel a sense of reconnection with yourself or sometimes fantasy and this fantasy can end up lasting awhile that's why it's so important to bring all of you into a relationship even when you're evolving and not hold back I'm going to talk about three most common reasons that attract people to cheat
number one is the sexual presence of desire this does not always mean sex with someone else this is an energy that can be created to feel desired or to be desired by someone or something else number two is the emotional involvement that can be transactional
number two is the emotional involvement that be transactional meaning we're just friends but yet it's offering you something that you wish your partner would offer you then there is another type of emotional involvement of someone offering you that emotional place that's missing in your relationship so instead of turning to the one you're with it's easier to turn to the one that supports you already and
number three is the disease of addiction this can come in forms of sex addictions and prostitution a sense of reconnection to something that you once knew the longing for this rush or something that's why with addictions it's so important that you treat it dearly as this is something that is constant work so these are the three most popular reasons why I see people cheat sometimes cheating happens with yearning and longing for something that the person or relationship is not giving you so the biggest understanding that you can have for you and your partner is to be open in communication constantly and work on growth in the relationship as well as outside the relationship to understand your common ground and to have a sense of constant understanding for you and your partner if this is something that you want more education on or need more advice on I recommend three things for you number one is booking a coaching session with me which I'll put down in the links below number two is downloading the 35 rules to save your relationship which is going to help you understand the whole of what presence you need to bring into a relationship our
number three is signing up for my two-day intensive boot camps which you'll have me one-on-one and we talked about this in bracing how to have a healthy relationship if you liked today's article please give it a thumbs up and since this is such an important topic that is being I'm sure you know someone who has suffered from this or has gone through this or is doing this share this article with them as always I'll see you again in the next article and remember you are always loved bye for now

 I'm going to talk about why a girl gives you mixed signals all right so there's we can take this on to so many different ways but a lot of times that girl gives mixed signals majority of the time 80% of the time is because she doesn't even know what she wants she doesn't even know who she is as an individual and she's hot and cold possibly because of the fact that she just doesn't know exactly what she wants and a lot of times I see people in relationships or when they're dating women continue to support the fact that she doesn't know what she wants I'm not saying that you can't support a woman I'm not saying that you can't be there for a woman if you choose to if you want to but what I am saying is you have to set boundaries with women you have to put yourself in a you have to put

 yourself first when it comes to women you have to make sure that your own sense of integrity and dignity for yourself is being placed because of the fact that let's just say for example this girl that you were with for five years is now giving you miss signals and she asked for space but she's coming in and out and she's doing her thing on the weekends and then you don't hear from her for four days and then she doesn't text you back and it's all this wishy-washy game but you are there when she picks up you're there when she wants to go grab dinner you're there when she wants to have a message with you you're there when she's crying to you about something that she's going through you're there you're there you're there you get it no but I don't know if you guys watched that article that I did with my friend Andrew Sanchez we talked about what is self-love in that article I specifically encourage you to watch that because she shared something so important about her relationship is she can relate

 to this she was a little bit hot and cold with her you know with her relationship in the beginning because she didn't know what she wanted but what truly changed and shifted in her relationship with her now fiance was the fact that he made himself more accountable for his own actions meaning he's basically set the tone by saying I'm not going to continue to support this behavior it looks like we are in two separate pages in our life and I'm not going to be here and for you if you don't choose me if you don't choose to be with me then I will find someone else and the idea of Hemme being with someone else is what made her clean up her act and really not clean up her act but really just understand that this is she didn't want to lose a good man and unfortunately sometimes this is what it takes but let me dissect what this man did it's not that he gave her an ultimatum one was like this is what you need to be bossing her around and being aggressive with her no he was being assertive but

being respectful what I talk a lot about and assertiveness comes from a place of a decision values boundaries it's also a discussion and asking and putting herself first really because of the your integrity because of place of integrity so if you feel that your being this is you're being taken advantage of in a relationship and she's not fully a hundred percent there then it's time to step back a little bit and start taking some of that control back and not always being there and showing her that if this is what she wanted then this is what she's gonna receive but also that you are going to pull back and enjoy your life and also set new boundaries set the new tone for a relationship if that's what you want eventually and this takes time it doesn't take one day it doesn't take two days but the biggest this
is the best way that it naturally happens is when you come from within with your own self integrity so this is what I asked you to do what do you want from this woman and how can you show up better for yourself those are two questions that will help you get there and also help you understand why this girl is giving you mixed signals and stop it once and for all or move on if you liked today's article please give it a thumbs up and as always if this is your first time visiting I welcome you and I encourage you to subscribe to this channel so you're notified every time that I do post a new article and as always I'll see you again in the next article remember you are always loved bye for now

this article for you in this article I'm going to talk about the reasons of why you're attracting broken women and use this as a self reflection article for you if this speaks to you if you continue to attract unavailable women that are emotionally unavailable broken or in a damsel in distress environment where they need you and you feel as though that you need to make these things happen and you and you keep on attracting women that are gravitating and leeching onto you to either find themselves or opposite completely unavailable and broken one of the things here is you have to understand that you also in life everything is a mirror and it's a direct reflection on something that possibly can we can learn from and something that we are ignoring right so a lot of times when I see and I work with men that have been attracting the same type of women maybe their whole lives or after a divorce or after you know in their early 20s or 30s it's because of the simple fact that two things one is you can gravitate towards women like this because of the fact that it gives you some superior feeling or

number two is you're attracting broken women because the fact that you might be broken yourself and here's the thing is like broken it's not such a bad thing okay because being broken is not the end result being broken means that you can fix it right you can fix something and the thing here is when you continue to attract broken women my advice to you is to really find out for why how and why you're giving your time to these women because it's not about you know okay this guy that's not broken and me over here that's broken you're not gonna achieve he's not gonna attract this woman and I'm not going to track this woman you both are going to attract the same women okay the difference between the two is he the non broken guy is gonna get good at saying no to the broken women and the broken guy is gonna knock it good at saying bye to the wrong woman right so that's the difference here is understanding and being very clear and disciplined with yourself to understand that you if you continue to attract these women what are the red flags that you're ignoring in the beginning the fact that she told you from day one she was not available the fact that she told you that she's still married the fact that she told you that she is in a stressful situation financially the fact that she told you she wasn't able to find herself but you committed to her still you still continued to date her and she didn't show up for you there's a difference between gaining a woman that is putting in the

 work and you guys found each other and she is open to transition than a woman that's not okay and I'm not saying this to give you a crotch and say you should just date Brooklyn woman especially if they stay they're finding they're finding out more about them and they're working on their growth no actions speak louder than words so the thing here is what I understand and what I would want you to do for yourself if this is something that is happening is take some time to reflect right take some time to reflect on your past relationships and start to identify the patterns that happened in your past relationships and see how those patterns align with probably something that you've gone through in your childhood or other relationships as well once you identify then it's time to kind of do a little bit of forgiveness and let go of this and itemize really and you don't have to put out on a piece of paper or anything what I'm just saying is what do you want from relationships what do you want do you want trust do you want security how do you want this woman to make you feel right the trust and security doesn't come from a broken woman trust and security comes from a very healthy woman a woman that has taken the time to fix herself for a woman that has taken the time to in best in herself

 and a woman that understands the value that a man brings to a woman this is where you do the work this is where you find the woman is when you are clear with what you want so by attaching to broken relationships you know when something doesn't feel healthy I had a conversation with a man the other day and he calls me and he tells me Apollonia you know my girlfriend is really you know might this girl I've been dating we've been dating for five months and she just tells me that I'm such a nice guy and I'm the perfect guy but yet she doesn't commit to me okay well as we go along in the story I find out that she has a very bad value of self-worth for herself the sense of self-worth where she seeks attention from other men openly with her and has him and has told him this so what makes you think that she would give you any value to your life if she doesn't see value in herself so this is where you have to be clear with yourself and we get blinded by she's beautiful oh we have great sex oh this is

 what I want from a woman oh this is this but we don't get blind if we get blinded by all the external stuff that we don't see what this woman is showing up for or for us what she is presenting to us and by no means what I ever want you to be with some broken especially if you want to cultivate a healthy relationship it starts with having a healthy relationship with yourself and part of that is standing up for yourself from a sense of integrity and telling yourself this is not what I want and being open and aware with this process I encourage you if you're going through this to book a one-on-one session with me so I can help you clarify these things and work through this is this is what I do day in and day out with you men as always I'll see you again in the next article and remember you are always loved

today's article we are going to talk about how to spice up your relationship this is a good one I'm going to use this article for you because of the fact that I want you to be able to analyze this article a little bit and tailor it to your relationship right now a lot of times when you're in a relationship for probably over five years maybe sometimes even three years unfortunately you're kind of lacking something lacking possibly a connection or attraction which I encourage you to watch a lot of my articles in my playlists about relationship advice if this is something that's happening to you in regards to attraction and connection but this in general is just to spice up your relationship make it fun again or enhance it right now even if things are going great so some tips and this really in this article I'm gonna start right now tip 

number one is have a conversation with her that you've never had before ask her a question that you've never asked her before that will kind of throw her off and I have something special for you that will help you with that it's my 20 question manual to get to know a woman's true self it's absolutely free I encourage you to download that it's in the description box below tip 

number two on how to spice up your relationship is to try new things right to do things that scare you a little bit and get to that journal and running you know I may be your wife wanted to do or your girlfriend wanted to do bungee excuse-me skydiving or something one day and she continues to talk about it and you're just so scared to do it now is the time to kind of get out of your comfort zone and do it together something like that or doing things doesn't that does does not have to be that extreme you know those you can go to a race car event where you're like racing the cars or you can do bumper cars and some of these bumper cars actually go really fast so try new things do some putt-putt golfing or bowling or there's like mazes that you can go do take her to a garden take her to a winery you know have her challenge her to cook for you you know like cook kill guys who can cook together if she doesn't ever do that so get inventive with the ideas and there's so many great ideas out there that you can do and for you men that are married or in a relationship help these other men out in the calm what do you do to keep the spice up in your relationship I would love to know tip 

number three is also influenced her by your goals right okay so here's what I mean is when you're on a purpose and when you add value to a relationship and you're driven and your comp confident from within about what your purpose is in life so let's just say you're an entrepreneur and you have your own business or you are a heavy weight lifting champion or whatever and you train once a year to do body competitions or you are a teacher and you teach skydiving to people and or there's so many other things that I can think of because all of my time just going through the rolodex of clients that do these things and what I'm saying here is you can impact the person that you're with by doing this so then having the conversation of what they want to do if they haven't done this so encouraging her like for instance for me I'll share a personal story with you I've been wanting to do salsa lessons for so long but I've been so busy with work and consumed with work and one day my partner was just like here's your gift certificate now you have salsa lessons no excuse kind of thing so it kind of got me out and forced me to do things and it actually enhanced heard spiced up the relationship because of the fact that I was taken back one that he did that but also two that I was able to do this so it just made me feel more empowered more sexy and it just helped me overall so then there's your inside mind tip from a woman on this one so next tip I think it's tip number four on how to spice up your relationship is by having a date night right a lot of times were consumed in families and friends and work and all of this stuff and we don't set a time for the highest time for our relationship so I think a date night as long as you can set aside time is really important whatever time that is doesn't have to be once a week maybe every two weeks or once a month you've had this special date where you know it's date night and you amp each other up and you're like five more days and you better be looking sexy you know stuff like that do that stuff and make it fun and then last tip is tip 

number five is get out of your routine this is overall one of probably the most important your routine is what sometimes can bore you in a relationship and you don't get to understand your partner any more on a deeper level because you're just fitting this routine coming home cooking dinner turning on the TV and then falling asleep together and that's it and you barely have conversations right so now it's time to really think about what is your routine and what can I take out of this routine maybe it's TV let's play a card game of uno let's play a card game of poker let's play 21 let's play blackjack or whatever at night like let's do different things let's go get ice cream you know do something different and challenge each other make it fun do something that you can engage in each other with or just stand up stay up at night you know during instead of watching TV talking about how your day was or having a nice glass of wine and chit chatting or putting on some  and dancing and you know doing different things and this is what's going to help you really advance in the relationship because once you start here other things will come about that will just spice up your relationship because it's all about an energy shift in your relationship if you have any troubles with your relationship right now I encourage you to download my 35 rules to save your relationship and it's in the description box below if you liked today's article please give it a thumbs up and as always I'll see you again in the next article and remember you are always loved bye for now 

understand how our partner is when we realize how we handle the worst moments how someone deals with life problems tells you so much about them and how you can live with this person forever as a partner maybe they won't get cold maybe they'll get stressed out distance and then blame it on their bad day or them being stressed out or their anxiety but a lot of times we accept this behavior because we're supposed to accept our partner if we love them right so we accept the fact that they continue to apologize and accept the fact that they may get angry cold or distant when stressful situations arrive but then blame it on a bad day or they're just sorry here's what I've seen so many times in my practice is when this happens it continues to be an excuse for their bad behavior my anxiety just get the best of me and this becomes a cycle where now the hard times sometimes get

pushed under the rug the integrity gets pushed under the rug and avoided because of how our partner may respond to stressful situations which opens up for more stress and separation in the relationship then one day you wake up and both of you aren't as happy as you used to be here's the thing that happens in healthy relationships when things go wrong do the both of you have a calming presence for each other let's say the kid gets in trouble at school do you work to calm the other down when the other is probably a little concerned or worried and a problem arises or how about when you have money issues how do you handle this as a team or do you separate and play offense for another team let me clarify a lot about why I talk about you having to be healthy yourself in order to have a healthy relationship you know so many of us walk through life attaching to another individual in order to feel
the love and validate it by someone else's existence but mark my word on this when you have a partner that is insecure in a relationship then you start to bring the other partner down with you and this challenges you they try to bring you down consciously and unconsciously so when they feel insecure your energy is being attacked and questions sometimes you now have to live with this and it influences these situations I mean I'm talking about more I talk about this more and more so if you are single and also watching this article my suggestion moving forward is to find someone who knows how to handle life's problems and has to know how to handle themselves when your partner comes to you and ask you help or says she has a bad day and just wants to spend some time with you to make it better it's about how they act when these problems arise do they go for you for comfort or do they go for you for rebuttal this is for all relationships in your life if this is happening then I remind recommend for you to effectively communicate with them and probably not right away when it's in the heat of the moment but it's important at the same time that we both voice our standards and our boundaries you can say something like this I'll give you an example listen I love you and the way

you spoke to me last night was not the way I want to be spoken to you anymore it does not help us solve our problems as a couple we have to learn from each other and build a stable ground as the problems we face come at us as a team and the way you projected to me didn't show that we were a team and I want to be one I know that we can do better this is constructive feedback to help your partner grow and it's coming from a place of a we instead of an i or you and placing fingers how you grow in partnership is by challenging your partner from a state of groundedness and not throwing your integrity under the rug so healthier relationships are flourished number one by you yourself

being grounded and healthy yourself but also challenging yourself to build that foundation when challenges arise in a relationship if you're having problems in your relationship today I encourage you to download my 35 rules to save your relationship was it it which is an extremely amazing book that I wrote with another coach that specializes in marriages divorce and breakups and this is something that we will not go wrong in and this is something I highly highly encourage you to download so I'll put that below in the description link as always I'm so happy you join me in this article I have a welcome your comments concerns questions give this article a thumbs up and share it with someone who needs to hear this as always I'll see you again in the next article and remember you are always left bye for now

the ultimate test for a healthy relationship hi everyone I'm Apollonia Ponte your dating and relationship coach founder of Apollonia Ponte comm I ask you to share this article with anyone who you think will need it now let's talk about healthy relationships when we are in a healthy relationship we can feel driven and in life we feel supported we also challenge at times to grow as a person and best of all we feel heard this comes from a place of understanding and I bring this up because this is what most of us long for to feel acceptance from someone we love and adore yet what's the test for a healthy relationship to desire your partner and do absolutely anything for them well to an extent this does not mean giving up your own integrity for anyone so the true test in a relationship in a healthy relationship comes in the way you as a partner and in your partnership handle stressful situations life

 will always throw every single one of us curveballs but it's about how we decide to handle these things which really shows a lot about the specific partner that you are with during these times your partner does not just turn around shame you and walk away and then a couple hours say I'm sorry I just had a bad day oh I'm sorry I just can't handle this then they constantly repeat this healthy relationships are tested by how you handle challenges and unfortunately a lot of us are getting this wrong when these things happen you can tell how your partner views life and honestly how they view the balance of the relationship the biggest thing here is if you continue the oh I'm sorry behavior during the rough times it shows a sense of emotional instability that the relationship may not be a to withstand but yet a bad day does not make you project on to your partner when stressful situations

arise the true test comes when things can happen out of your control and if stressful situations arise for things that you can't control then it's about going back to the foundational rules in life that the both of you are a part of or made an agreement on in relationships you have to have a foundation or else there is no boundaries there's no goals and sustainable lasting love can't be measured on this healthy relationships are understood when a person is supportive during the hard times but not

placing their own sense of integrity under the rug but coming forward with integrity to embrace the growth and sometimes challenges that arise in a relationship you know this is how we grow this is how you grow and find balance as well if this is something that you and your partner constantly do then congratulations because I believe this is one of the biggest tests for your relationships along with the way you and your partner communicate from a level of respect for one another so with that said we actually start to look at our relationship in the best moments even though you know that beautiful and the good moments are beautiful and this is something to really be proud of but we truly

this article because I give you some really big details about how women think on how to build an emotional connection and something for you if you are not interested in turning on a woman and also connecting with a woman then that's okay this article might not be for you I know you've seen my articles I constantly talk about an emotional connection and I am going to break down the ways women want a man to build an emotional connection you've probably been told that in order to be with a woman or get her to want you you have to build an emotional connection or possibly a woman wasn't interested and she just says I just want don't feel it or I just want to be friends so I don't want you to misinterpret what an emotional connection means because I see men doing this a lot building

an emotional connection does not mean that you just do whatever the woman wants and you send roses and you pick up every call and even when you're busy and give her everything in the beginning and show her that you were amazing absolutely not this is what kills attraction an emotional connection is built from integrity and also time so let me break down some ways an emotional connection is built with a woman an emotional connection is built with sexual desire yes but also with a man holding himself with integrity and going after what he wants without being too direct and overbearing this means escalating when you're supposed to and pacing yourself when you get to know a woman pacing yourself will be your best friend let me give you some examples of how to escalate and then we're going to get him into some more examples on how to pace yourself and the integrity part of building an emotional connection with a woman here is how you escalate with woman you can ask them things and be flirtatious and this is how you sexually escalate to see if she

 is accepting and attracted to you you can say things like this I see the way you're looking at me be careful with those eyes because you speak loud and clear of what you want or you can say something like this are you flirting with me because I'm getting the idea you're flirting with me or year we can say something like this you are going to be lots of trouble or you can say something like this don't do that with your lips she'll ask why and you'll suddenly say you know why I talk a lot about this in my authentic attraction bootcamps so I invite you to download my ebook called the seven common mistakes men make when attracting a woman so then you can be notified also when my bootcamp starts I'll also put the description link bellow in this article now moving on you can ask questions around sexuality and if she is reciprocating this means attraction is being built it does not automatically mean that she is ready to just jump in bed with you like I said you have to learn how to slowly initiate and be subtle when a man can master this it gets the woman thinking about you when

 she gets home and this is one part of the way you get her to think about you non-stop this is the power of attraction once you do this then you build more on the emotional component and show the woman you can shift a couple things right so you just actually escalated sexually you're pacing yourself and you're getting to know her now you're bringing in more of the emotional component the emotional component is not sending her flowers every waking minute and trying to live a romance novel no so especially if you want her to be more committed to you you want to build this emotion connection you start by having a connection and in remembering specific things and bringing them up later so specific things about her and bringing them up later the emotional connection is not built on you asking the right questions as if she is being tested but it means opening up space for the both of you and for her to ask you some questions as well but it does not stop there and this is where men get a little confused you know they constantly think that they have to build this dialogue through text

but know occasionally by phone but more of this has to happen face-to-face how a woman makes a decision emotionally on how she wants to be with you is by sexual desire mystery integrity of a man and of herself and balance since I broke down the sexual desire part let's talk about the mystery you know it's not games you can't fake being busy as this comes off in authentically but being aligned with your purpose but yet understanding that you aren't all-in and you don't have to try and do all in your power to impress her you show up and you're available here and there but you're subtle in the ways you choose to show up and you don't overextend yourself to make her want you and this comes off from the energy that you created which leads me to
number three integrity how you see yourself every day as a man the true men that master this and don't stay single for long are the ones that stand up with integrity and nothing more or nothing less the definition of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles moral up rightness once you have this you create a balance that naturally draws a woman to you and you build that with sexual desire and the right type of mystery comes natch along the process if you want to know more about this I invite you to sign up for my in-person boot camps or or schedule a coaching session one-on-one with me I will provide you with the links of the things that I mentioned in this article below I'd love to hear from you I'd love to share your comments questions and concerns give this article a thumbs up and share this article with anybody that can use it as always I'll see you again in the next article and remember you are always loved bye for now

in this article we are going to talk about those famous words I love you but I'm not in love with you wow it's one of those heart-wrenching things to hear right it's just as bad almost as you know I like you but I see you more as a friend but in this one is I love you but I'm not in love with you typically means you already fell in love with this person so one thing I want to be clear about is what typically goes on when you first hear these words and probably what you shouldn't do so a lot of times when we hear the fact that that our person that we're in love with loves us but is not in love with us we go to fight-or-flight mode right we just go into why like what can I do to make this better and we go on and it's basically like we're in survival mode to understand so this is something that happens often and probably if you've done that that's probably why you here on this article too I want you to understand that I'm gonna give you clarity on what this means in regards to you in a woman's mind

but also what to do moving forward when this happens in your relationship so typically when a woman says I love you but I'm not in love with you it's because one of the main things is three things here but one of the main things is because she has grown as a different person that you have and I'm gonna be honest here when a woman comes to the thought of I love you but I'm not in love with you it took time for her to get here so there was probably troubles in your relationship that maybe you kind of brushed under the rug and you were like oh that's okay it's just gonna fix itself or I'm gonna try she's gonna stick around and now all of a sudden reality set in and it was a wake-up call for you now when this happens and what I mean is like she's grown as a person meaning she's a different person than she was and she probably wanted something different in the relationship or she wanted to feel different in the relationship and possibly you've let some things come into a fact that have affected the relationship or maybe she did as well and you tried to fix this and it just didn't happen because the fact that she sees something different and she sees someone different and she or she wants to become someone different which happens a lot in relationships and that's why it's so important that effective communication is always top in mind in relationships to understand what

your partner's feeling what your partner is thinking because just because you're in a relationship for five years or ten years doesn't mean that person can't be a different person in five years from now and that's why effective communication is so important in these type of relationships and then another reason why women would say I love you but I'm not in love with you is because of the fact that she has lost attraction and this typically happens when you're dating right so the fact that maybe you've told her that you love her first let's just say and then she says I love you but I'm not in love with you she sees you more as possibly someone that is supportive and a supportive role in her life that's someone that's very nice someone that always looks out for her with her best interest in mind but doesn't give her that spark that attraction that sexual connection that woman yearned for right the that I want him feeling and the way that you build this I talk a lot and a lot of my articles which I'll put here in the cards is building attraction and working on this so a lot of times when we fall behind in relationships when it comes to attraction is because we're either insecure with ourselves and secure with our partner or insecure in the relationship so we let our insecurities get the best of us and this is so important in getting back with someone that you love in a relationship with someone you love

dating whatever the case may be is understanding that you can't lose yourself in a relationship because once you lose yourself in a relationship if your loss what makes you think that your partner will be able to catch you or find anything within you if you don't even know what that is yourself so that is really important if ultimately she's not wanting that relationship right now when a woman says I love you but I'm not in love with you means that you can she doesn't want the relationship right now to now a part of this happens because maybe you were a little bit overbearing maybe she's given you so many warning signals are so many warning clues that she wanted you to step it up where she wanted you to do something different or the fact that maybe she was trying to push her herself away and he kept on trying to make her stay and convince her to stay and finally she got to this point so understand that the biggest thing out of all of this moving forward for you is the way that you're gonna build attraction and find a possible chemistry with this woman again is if you don't focus on the negatives and what you why you couldn't get to this woman what is important that you focus on is you how can I advance in my life how can I grow from this what did I learn from this how can I make myself better from this because once you disconnect the feeling of attachment to this relationship or to this woman and focus on you this will build attraction back from this woman but also to will make

 you more positive when it comes to life which will amplify your energy and make you more magnetic towards women or just things in general of life goals that you have in mind so what a lot of us do after we hear these words is we don't do this we tend to focus more on that person to convince that person why they need to be with us so we come off double and overbearing more aggressive and it just basically validates the point that that woman wanted to let go of you so what's the hardest part of everything is the personal growth is putting everything aside and focusing on you it's because when you really really desire something your brain is in your body and your emotions and your energy are trained to basically go after what you want because you want that feeling so bad so you try
to go after that again but instead you've got to focus on you and not let this relationship get the best of you or understand what you can do in order to move forward to be happier to heal to grow from this relationship so you can see it at an outside perspective and then also possibly attract this woman back to you if you are facing this and you are having troubles with this and this is something that has hit home for you I encourage you to click the link below in the description box and book a private coaching session with me and we can give to the bottom of this I can give you some clarity and also help you through this hard time and as always I look forward to your comments questions and concerns and I will see you in the next article and remember you are always loved bye for now

I would talk to her I just I just don't know what to say what if I say something stupid I get nervous i stuttering Shh stop when it comes to attraction what you saying what comes out of your mouth is less important than how you act how you present yourself in the nonverbal communicating that you're doing and today we're gonna help you knock it out of the spicy senorita part today we are going over the top five ways to attract women or dudes whatever you're into without saying the first way to attract a woman without even having to speak is your style it's about style now here is the great news your style doesn't need to be flashy it doesn't need to be flamboyant you don't need to wear the latest and greatest trends and super expensive things first tip I will give you when it comes to upgrading your style is grab a trash bag and head it to your wardrobe now what I want you to do is go through

 piece by piece by piece and actually try things on and see what fits you what doesn't fit you this is a disaster I got empty hires I got jeans that I haven't worn in like 17 18 months I got shirts that don't fit gentlemen here is the deal one year if you haven't worn something in a year chances are you're not gonna wear it in the next 12 months grab that trash bag fill it up and donate it to charity if you purge your wardrobe then it's time to analyze where are you deficient where are the holes in your wardrobe and then you're gonna go shopping and start replacing systematically than needed items what I'd recommend is start with the items that are going to give you the best style ROI so like jeans if you

 need new jeans start there because you can wear them with a lot of different outfits over time over the course of a year you are going to rebuild an incredibly stylish and sexy wardrobe one that gets attention the other style hack that I'll give you is pay attention to the mannequins when you're shopping in a store you go in and you're gonna see like complete ensembles right these mannequins are addressed by professional stylists usually women and they know that yo this looks good and so if you're looking to up your style and you don't know where to start go to a store look at the mannequin grab an associate and get her to help you build that look the second way to attract somebody without saying a word is to work on your body language language is so incredibly important bad eye contact good eye contact bad smile good smile bad walk good walk a lot of us were not born with confidence

sexy body language but if you work on it you develop it you can master body language but you got to pay attention you got to be aware because if you're not you're gonna fall back into old habits you would be amazed at how many guys I see that have absolutely horrible unsexy body language when guys are confident and they're walking and they're talking and they're engaging in a confident manner it automatically raises their sexiness from like a six to an 11.5 big and raising your sexiness the third way to attract somebody without saying a word is to smell amazing you want to automatically raise your attraction level from like a five and a half to like a thirteen point seven smell amazing this means that you need to use the odorant you need to shower you also need to find a signature scent you are somebody who wants to smell amazing wants to experience different incredible fragrances guys there is no better bang for your fragrance buck than today's article sponsor scent bird scent bird is a monthly subscription service where each month they're gonna send you a little vial that looks like this right it's point two seven ounces which equates to like a hundred and twenty squirts all right monk
number one you're gonna get this super sexy slim metal carrying case right inside is where your cologne will actually go and then each month they're gonna send you a new cologne that you pick and the beautiful thing and the thing that I absolutely love about scent bird is that you get to go on and explore and experiment without risking like a ton of money because the truth is cologne is super freaking expensive there's nothing worse than going into a store to buy a new cologne right you go in you smell like 27 colognes right you pick one you get it home you spend like $100 on it give yourself a few squirts and you're like yo check me out don't I smell amazing and everybody's like oh my god what is that smell think bird has an insane selection of different colognes and the cool thing you go on and you just start picking right and it adds it to your queue and then each month basically they send you the next Cologne that's in your queue recently I got the lure by Robert Graham Roth freaking dick ulis guys this could possibly be my new go-to : light period another option is the

Anthony one less than $15 a month you get the smell incredible always guys right now they're actually hooking you up with an even better deal and discount code I will link to that down below along with the clones that I personally feel smell amazing fourth way to attract people without actually having to speak is your friends your friends are going to do the work for you and alpha why you've always hit me with the social proof I don't have friends so it doesn't work for me gentlemen I got you I got you covered what I would recommend you do in order to build a better friend network along with some incredible social proof and pictures is join a rec sport league like softball or kickball ruining some type of intramural sports team that is co-ed in my opinion is a great way to get active get social meet a lot of people and get a lot of social proof because everybody takes tons of pictures right so you'll be able to sort of like hack the system you'll meet some incredible people and possibly a spicy senorita and last but certainly not least the fifth way to attract somebody without having to speak is to be confident now you're like yo thanks bang mind blowing if I was confident I wouldn't need all this I'd be able to walk up and just start talking gentlemen here's the deal I'm gonna give you a tip a trick number one subscribe to the Alpha em YouTube channel
number two do things that are kind for other people like opening the door giving up your seat possibly buying somebody behind yous coffee like you regularly doing small gestures of kindness this automatically and instantaneously gives your brain a little Poppa dopamine a little confidence jolt because it feels so freakin good doing something nice for other people the more you do it the more popping of dopamine you're getting the more confident you become the confidence that you get from helping other people isn't enough I got another byproduct of you being kind and generous and helping other people other people will possibly see you doing nice things and automatically they see you doing nice things they think you're more attractive it's a

he doesn't like as an IKE ever oh my god I'm so sorry I'll take care of this just call just call me later after he goes to work gentlemen that was your girl and you have a problem wanted me to tell you that she's been she's been a naughty girl and needs to be spanked who's your daddy gentlemen just get it crap I just probably got demonetised gentlemen here's the deal today I've got a super special treat for you and your girls hey I'm going over seven things that all women wished guys did the first thing that all women wished all men did was take control that's right woman wants a dude who isn't afraid to be like yo girl this is happening and then makes it happen as opposed to um excuse me Brenda would you mind if we come to kiss a little bit maybe made out maybe let me feel your boob and then

possibly have the sex three words Shades of Grey gentlemen I'm done say you know I'm just saying there's a reason that movie was so popular the second thing that all women wish their man did was be extra sweet to them in front of her friends goal is to make her friends so freakin jealous of her because they've got you you are an amazing dude right and there you are being like oh my god Sheila you're amazing god you're sexy you're affectionate but not too affectionate sweet without being like obnoxiously like annoyed don't try and like make out with there in front of our friends Ruth is all women want their friends to be jealous of them that's the reason why they dress so super sexy it's not for you it's for them they want other women to look at them and think bit shaming goes for you you want to make sure that her friends think that you are like totally into her now the other benefit to this if it doesn't work out with your girl options plentiful bringing us to the third thing all women wish their man did which was dress better let me paint a picture for you there's your girl right she spends

time money energy and looking great right or body fine her hair always fixed her makeup done her handbag amazing her peep toe pumps priceless she looks phenomenal and you are proud to have her on your arm but is she proud to have you of yourself as an accessory now you're not as exciting as a handbag but you got to look good so that you don't make her look bad think about it speaking of looking bad the fourth thing that all women wished their man did was use T's Handley I think it's a coincidence that women spent so much time and energy taking care of their face and their skin women are smarter than us they know that if they want to look good tomorrow a month from now a year from now five years from now it starts today I'm gonna tell you a secret don't tell your girl but skincare what she's doing overcomplicated too much money too many products gentlemen you need to do four things every single day you need to wash your face twice a day you need to exfoliate your face twice a week and then you need to apply an a.m. moisturizer with an SPF of 20 the other thing

you need to do use a moisturizer at night when you're resting when you're sleeping this is when your body is doing what it does which is rebuild he'll make yourself super handsome and the only way that it can make you super handsome is if you give it what it needs but outfits so complicated how can I get with gentlemen don't worry about it T's Hanley we take all the guesswork out of it we tell you when to use what product in what order and check it out hell much too literally dude prove gentlemen and if you want to take your skincare fight to the next level go with the level two system which comes with an anti-aging eye cream but if you want to fight mother nature like becoming foo ninja yeah you see right like yeah exactly level three which comes with not only the eye cream and anti-aging super serum gentleman tea shanlee is your answer to looking incredible not only now but

having amazing skin forever guys there's a link down below that link is going to take you to our super fancy new website that landing page is also going to give you an incredible discount on your first box the truth is T's handling is not only the highest quality skin care products you're going to find or your girl is ever going to use because don't tell her but our stuff is better than what she is using and the price like I said it is freaking ridiculous guys we've taken the guesswork out of it we've cut out the middleman to give you and bring you only the products you need at an amazing price hit that link and go check out T's Hanley yes I told him I told him he's gonna spank you get I gotta go a pitching tease gentlemen link below t shanley dot-com check it out and get handsome today the thing all women wished their men did it was give them presents now you're like oh I don't have money alpha I knew it came down to giving her stuff the answer is it's not about this stuff it's about the thought a lot of times the best gifts that you can give her are just little things that let her know that you were thinking of her throughout the day I don't even need to buy it can find it like a little rock be like hey baby I saw this rock I thought it was beautiful I thought beautiful rock I thought you're my beautiful rock see that flower yeah you don't need to go buy a bouquet pick one out of your neighbor's yard and be like darling I think you're beautiful a beautiful flower I'm telling you a plant is always a homerun guys the deal is this you just need to let her know that you were thinking of her now the thing is it can't just be like holidays and special occasions random this is the best thing and ultimately what she loves the most
number six tell her she looks beautiful not just when she gets dressed up like first thing in the morning when she's not wearing makeup just let her know hey you're beautiful because this is honestly something that that women are a little bit insecure about and with all the crazy like social media stuff there has never been more pressure to look beautiful and to be attractive and so by you just letting her know how beautiful you think she is tell her when she's looking rough and she's gonna be like me no I look terrible you're like baby come on you can never look so fine I like you like this all rough and subd actually don't say profits just let her know you think she's beautiful even when she's not all sexed up and sassy and last but certainly not least and one that we all are going to hate the 7 thing that women wish all men did was watch chick flicks with them one of the reasons why we as men hate watching chick flicks because they always have a dude in them it is like some amazing

 like dude right and it makes us kind of look a little bad you're like what is that what you want you think you think that's that's not reality that's a movie woman I'm here I'm reality I'm amazing got you're Ryan Gosling notebook month before I hate him is the thing women what they need you to just hanging out with them on once in a while she watches football games with you she does what you want to do she even hangs out when you're playing article games occasionally do you think she wants to know does she do it because she loves you yes and you need to watch a chick flick because you love her plus when she's all crying in your comforting earth miss Karen snot running down her face and you're comforting her tell us she looks beautiful gentlemen that's it seven things all women wished their men did yeah we're done he's gone okay yeah okay I'll be right over it's a naughty piece